Why with us? / Altmann & Cole

Why with us?

We use a comprehensive model of controlled search for human resources with regard to the requirements of the Czech labour market. We know that the basis of success is the coordination of mutual conceptions and the goal is the efficient, accurate and timely occupying of the given position.

Part of the personnel cooperation with us is a really detailed market research. We have been continuously monitoring current trends and labour market situation. We can evaluate various needs and requirements in all major areas: salary, benefits, flexible working hours, part-time.

The professionalism, communication and feedback.

Within a given timeframe, we map out potential candidates, who match exactly the specified ranking of key skills.

We put an emphasis on the reference of any candidate we recommend.

We focus on the candidate´s personality, their previous work accomplishments, overall demeanor. Most importantly, we try to find those who have good prospects, skills and abilities. We therefore often look beyond a predetermined segment of the market, to avoid too rapid burnout of a particular individual – what we have in mind is running in track, jumps between competitors.

The good start is the basic building block of an employment relationship. As an independent intermediary, we are trying to filter out as much doubt that may arise on both sides when a new candidate begins a job as we can.

We are with you from the beginning to the end, he entire recruitment process, including supervision at the onset of a candidate for the job. At that point, there might be misunderstandings concerning time, salary and other benefits, which we try to solve so that both sides are satisfied.