What we do / Altmann & Cole

What we do

We provide fast, reliable and trustworthy services in targeted recruitment throughout the Czech Republic. We are looking for the best candidates for you, so that you do not have to compromise. Changes are natural. We know that well-managed communication and choosing the right employees significantly affects the performance, productivity and the working climate.

Schéma výběru kandidátů Altmann & Cole

Personnel experts in Altmann & Cole also collaborate with companies in the process of restructuring, innovation, staff stabilization and strengthening the overall productivity.

A company is a living organism that is constantly evolving.

Our focus

  • Headhunting.

Targeted recruitment process, always with respect to the corporate culture of the client and on the basis of an international approach.

  • Valuation of jobs.

Comparison of the pay levels for positions with the same job description, recommendations with respect to market and segment developments. Optimization of key positions.

  • Independent assessment of surprising (unexpected) resignations of your good employees.

In the cases of voluntary resignations – we first discreetly as an independent third party find reasons and subsequently prepare a transparent overview of the risks and at the same time we recommend whether in a particular case, it makes sense to try to keep your employee or let them go.

  • Screening and cooperation on the company organizational chart.

We will find out whether any position workloads overlap, draw attention to anything missing or help unify the job titles.

  • Analyses of jobs.

Job descriptions, competency of staff, their further motivation.

  • Outplacement.

We help redundant workers in finding new positions and motivations.

  • Planning and career management for individuals.

We provide expertise not only in your resume, but also in speech. We help you to start a career.

Used methods

When searching for suitable candidates we combine the following methods:

  • database
  • advertisment
  • direct contact